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Top Ten Cage Shark Diving Locations around the World


Are you courageous, or insane enough to have a close and personal encounter with a Great White, Tiger or even a Bull shark – the three deadliest species in the world - in their own natural environment? If the answer is yes, then there are plenty of dive companies that will be more than happy to oblige you.  Diving with sharks inside a cage is believed to be the greatest thrill ever for any diving and shark enthusiast, particularly when a huge Great White curiously cruises right next to your cage and eyes you up so close that you could touch it (not that we advise you to do so).  

Adventure seekers looking for the well-known apex predator of the ocean can flock to several popular Great White hunting destinations. We have reviewed some of the top places that you can go to including Mexico, South Africa, Bahamas, and South Africa.  For every location, we have mentioned a highly regarded tour operator, the best time to go, and the kinds of sharks you will see. 

Most of the companies that we have mentioned offer one to five day adventure packages, so all you have to do is choose the option that best suits your needs.  We would say that a one day trip is probably more than enough, and in the unlikely event that you do not get a shark viewing, all the companies offer to take you back out again on another day.  Finally, all the necessary equipment and refreshments will be provided to you.  So, the only thing that you have to do is take a deep breath and enjoy this once in a life time experience. 

1. Neptune Islands, Australia

shark cage diving: Rodney Fox: Neptune Islands, Australia

You can go on an Eco friendly cage adventure in Australia with Rodney Fox who invented cage shark diving more than 40 years ago.  All his excursions are based on up-to date research, and his team of staff are incredibly passionate about their work.  Join them to see great white sharks and discover much more about their history with these sea creatures. Their amazing  vessel has all the comforts along senior members and certified Eco guides, who will make sure that your cage shark diving adventure is safe, exclusive, and offers you a memory that will last forever

Best Season: All year round

Possible fish buddies: Great whites

Cage provider: Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions

Rates:  All inclusive rates.  4 nights - around $2,700; 3 nights - $2,200

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2. Farallon Islands, San Francisco.

shark cage diving: Dive Discovery: Farallon Islands, San Francisco

You will get to travel 20 miles away from the coastline of California all the way to the Farallon Islands in San Francisco.  It is meant to be a top diving spot to see a Great White. They have one of the biggest shark cages in the world.  In addition, you do not need to be a certified diver to enjoy this experience.

Your journey starts before sunrise at around 6.30am.  You will board an enormous shark boat at a fishing pier called the Fisherman's Wharf at Hyde St. You will get to see the feeding events very early in the morning where Great Whites eat live seals.

The dive takes around 6 - 7 hours, although this could vary. You will return to the dock at 6 pm, or even earlier if you get to spot an adequate number of sharks quickly during the day. Their boat can handle 12 divers as well as six topside spectators very comfortably.

The Best Season: September to November

Possible fish buddies: Great White sharks

Cage provider: Great White Adventures

Rates: $775 (this includes all your food and drinks)

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3. Tiger Beach, the Bahamas

shark cage diving: Shark Diver: Tiger Beach, the Bahamas

All the Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas are inviting you to come and see them.  This is a true life changing journey that will alter the way in which you view things.  Surround yourself with wild dolphins and sharks inside crystal clear waters, an experience that you will never forget.  

Best Season: All Year-round

Possible fish buddies: Reefs, Hammerheads and Tiger sharks

Cage provider: Shark Diver

Rates: $875 (includes meals and refreshments)

See the Volkswagen Underwater Shark Cage commercial done incorporation with Shark Diver.

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4. Rhode Island

Rhode Island cage shark diving charters pulls divers from all over the world to dive in the southern part of New England to search for Rhode Island’s most popular sharks - the Mako and Blue shark. Journey inside their cage or even laze around on their playpen and just feel your heart pound when you come nose to nose with one of the most terrified, yet superb creatures of the world. 

Best Season: June to September

Possible fish buddies: Mako, Basking and Blue sharks

Cage provider: Snappa Charters

Rates: $225 to $250 (each dive will last between 10 to 12-hours)

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5. Montauk, New York

shark cage diving: Sea Turtle: Montauk, New York

Go and experience the exhilaration and the buzz of cage shark diving in Montauk, NY. They use a dive boat called the Sea Turtle, which has enough space for six divers in total, plus it has an open stern outline. Divers will get to spend between 30 to 45 minutes inside the cage on average whilst the sharks present themselves.

The Best Season: June to September

Possible fish buddies: Thresher and Mako, sharks

Cage supplier: Sea Turtle Dive Charters

Rates: $250 for a non-certified diver and $200 for a certified diver.

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6. “Shark Alley” via Shark Dive Africa, South Africa

shark cage diving: Shark Dive Africa

Shark Dive Africa offers you the opportunity to see sharks around three popular locations in South Africa: False Bay, Gans Baai and Cape Point. They will arrange all your transport to and from the bay via a helicopter or a personal shuttle and take you to a central departure point.

False Bay – is the best place in the entire world to see the extraordinary behaviours of great white sharks.  You will get to see flying sharks there. 

Gansbaai – is the capital of Great Whites also, and it is a location where you will get to see Great Whites come up remarkably high in the waters.  Other wild creatures are extremely likely to be seen there too such as Jackass penguins, Whales, Gannets, Fur Seals, and dolphins. 

Cape Point – to locate a pelagic shark you will set off to the Agulhas current where there are warm currents plus a variety of different of fish that attract the Great Whites.  What is unique about this spot is that you can freely dive with a Great White here if you are brave enough, of course.

Best Season: All year round; although the best sightings are between March until September

Cage provider: Great White Shark Tours

Possible fish buddies: Great white sharks

Rates: Approximately $217 for adults

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7. Guadalupe Island, Mexico

shark cage diving: island charters, Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Island Charters is a company owned by local people and they have been diving safely with Great White Sharks for almost ten years now.  They provide all inclusive package deals from San Diego on their M/V Islander.  Bus transfers are not provided through this company. 

Best Season: September to October

Possible fish buddies: Great white sharks

Cage provider: Islander Charters

Cost: $2,795 for AN all-inclusive trip FOR 5 DAYS.

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8. Lincoln - Australia

shark cage diving: Lincoln - Australia

Encounter Great White Sharks at Neptune Island with experienced staff that will lure all the sharks in to come and interact with their dive cage and vessel with bait so that you can have the most powerful penetrating shark viewing experience ever.  Calypso Star Charters are advanced Eco licenced tour Operators,  which proves that they carry out all their operations in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner while offering an educational element to your overall experience also.

Best Season: All Year Round

Rates: AUD $495.00 per Adult

AUD $247.50 per Child

Cage Provider: MV Calypso Star 2

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10. South Africa, Bahamas, California, & Isla Guadalupe

You can have face to face encounters with Great Whites in various exotic locations around the world with Cage Diver inside their Nautilus Explorer.  It is a luxurious boat, around 116 feet long, and has been tailor-made for easy sailing through rough and choppy waters.  Choose a one day adventure or stay on board for longer,  the choice is entirely up to you.  Whatever you choose to do, you will have a formidable adventure, one that you will remember for the rest of your life.  

Best Season: Different times of the year depending on the location you choose

Cage Provider: Cage Diver


San Francisco - $875 or $375 for topside viewing

Bahamas - $875 per person; Top Side Excitement costs $375

South Africa - $375, fully inclusive of all activities, guide service, transfers, meals, equipment

Isla Guadalupe: Luxurious staterooms are on offer in three types of categories. A Standard room at $2995; a Superior stateroom at $3495 or a Premium stateroom at $4095.   There are some extra charges that include a $65 port fee that you pay at your location; an optional tip at 10-15%; a bar tab, plus a fee for renting your dive equipment if it is applicable. A small fuel supplement might also be applicable. Your airfare has not been included in the price.

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Other companies in South Africa

Cage shark diving has become a very popular activity in South Africa, and there are a few commercialized areas where you can see these astonishing creatures of the deep. Your heart is guaranteed to pump faster than normal when you practically come in close contact with the sea’s most breath-taking predator. Cage shark diving in South Africa is a completely safe activity, and you don’t need to have any diving experience to take part. Before you go into the ocean, you will be given some health and safety training and be advised on how to use all the necessary equipment.  Then you’ll be ready to go!  According to experts, the best time to go cage shark diving in South Africa is between May to October; nonetheless, great whites are usually seen all year round. Below is a list of companies that you can choose to dive with:

White Shark Adventures

White Shark Adventures – are located in Gansbaai – which is known as the Capital of Great Whites in the world.  They offer you a continuous supply of air inside your cage.  They guarantee to offer you an exciting adventure within a professional and safe environment. 

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Extreme Scene

Extreme scene is located in Cape Time, which is one of the most picturesque cities in the entire world.  This company also offers various other adrenaline busting endeavours that will suite every bodies taste.

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Shark Diving Unlimited

You can join Michael Rutzen, who is famous all over the world for diving freely with Great Whites, on your cage dive experience.  Michael is also well-known for taking part in much needed research and conservation projects, and he is regularly invited as a guest speaker to worldwide lectures and conferences.

Visit Shark Diving Unlimited

Apex Shark Expeditions

Apex offers you an individualised cage shark experience with Great Whites as a day trip or a 5 to 10 holiday package.  Discover more about how sharks live in their natural habitat and the invaluable contributions they make to our eco-system.

Visit Apex Shark Expeditions

Unreal South Africa Dive

Unreal Dive can arrange a day trip to some of the best shark sites in Cape Town.  All the one day trips have been chosen to offer every diver the greatest cage shark diving experience ever.  They provide a transfer service to all the dive sites and can also arrange accommodation for you.

Visit Unreal South Africa Dive


There are plenty of choices for all you diving and shark fanatics out there in the world.  This means that you have to add cage shark diving to your to do list!  We do hope that you find our information useful in making your decision about where to go! 

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