Prehistoric Shark Game

prehistoric shark game

Prehistoric Shark works very much like Dolphin Olympics in terms of shark velocity. You take a dive with your shark down into the water to build up speed and then swim up and leap out of the water into the air to get your full range of destruction. Your shark is now complete with prehistoric cave man club with spikes!

You start Prehistoric shark by choosing between 4 different sharks to play as, those are:

  • Classic Shark - The original great white shark complete with dino bone as a hat
  • Saber Tiger Shark - A cross between a shark and a saber tooth tiger
  • Bird Head Shark - A shark with a large bird beak
  • Dino Shark - A cross between a shark and a dinosaur

As with all the Shark attack games by Mausland there's a hell of a lot going on around the screen at any given time so repeating the game over and over again will allow you to become aware of and appreciate all the different things you can attack and see for yourself the level of detail which goes into making each game. The Prehistoric shark game can be compared to New York Shark in terms of depth of graphical detail.

The double axe weapon you can get hold of during the game wreaks an awesome amount of destruction on your enemies and comes in handy when hacking down those giant spiders in the waterfall section.

In conclusion Prehistoric Shark brings a welcome and fresh environment to the shark attack series and although it is a little short in length given more time Mausland plans to release more time zones and we can't wait to venture into the next period with the great white to devour everything on the screen!

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