New York Shark Game

new york shark game

Urban terror that makes Jaws look like a fairground goldfish

A Shark.. With a Hat On?

It’s probably a question that you’ll only have to ask a few times in your life (if this isn’t your first time, then you must have had some crazy adventures), but the answer is yes, the shark has on a hat and accompanying sunglasses to boot. Set from a side-view angle, the game has you in control of a rogue shark that’s gone off the grid, and its only purpose is creating absolute carnage for the citizens of New York. The shark is controlled with the direction arrows, using ‘A’ or ‘Ctrl’ to make the shark use his teeth for a bit of chomping action. The primary attack is simply a leap out of the water that would make physicists cry over the sheer theoretical inaccuracies, but since it’s a game that has a shark wearing a hat, I think we can let this slide. You can smash into almost anything within your reach on entry to/exit from the water, and your secondary bite attack lets you grapple onto any flying objects such as planes, and indeed King Kongs attached to planes. No further explanation required; it is exactly how it sounds.


new york shark game

As well as the usual score multipliers for items/people destroyed in quick succession, we also have a fruit machine that spins periodically (giving you the chance to earn more points), a baseball that flies overhead for you to catch (again, for extra points), and the addition of a bigger variety of boats, planes and King Kong, who I hear just loves New York City for its rich cultural heritage and its intricate subway system. You can take down this latter beast by repeatedly biting his head, giving you more points for your efforts.


I struggle to find any, but at a push, I’d say the flaw of Newground's game is that it hasn’t improved on jerky movement of the shark itself, but the nature of the game in general so remarkably superficial and silly that it isn’t something that is massively notable. I find it hard to keep a straight face when attempting to even think about criticising such an outlandish game for something as minor as the ‘unrealistic’ physics in involved. Considering the shark just bit the head off a fellow fictional character by the name of King Kong, I think game physics are the least of the continuity worries involved here. New York Shark is all-out fun on a scale of peculiar that is beyond the reach of traditional flash games. Plus I enjoyed it more than Jaws.


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