Killer Whale Beach Attack Mobile Game Review for Android & iOS

Killer Whale Beach Attack

Killer Whale Beach Attack 3D Lets You Attack Everywhere but the Beach

From sharks to killer whales, the ocean is filled to the brim with toothy predators just waiting for their next snack. If the idea of swimming for your life isn't really appealing to you, then why not try to be one instead? Killer Whale Beach Attack 3D from Tapinator lets you step into the shoes of one of the sea's great predators. As a killer whale, you are given objectives to either hunt for prey or to battle it out with sharks to show them who's boss. Go on an undersea adventure to hunt, terrorize and, of course, eat your share of hapless prey. After all, where's the fun in just jumping through hoops in a park?

Press Button to Attack

Because your killer whale does nothing but wreak havoc in the ocean, you need only to mind a few buttons in this game. At the bottom left of the screen is a virtual joystick which controls movement. The animations are not that smooth so you might find yourself straining to push it towards a direction to the point that your finger lands outside the joystick's boundary. That's all right as your prey isn't too speedy either. To the right of the screen is a dedicated attack button. This basically tells your killer whale to chomp on whatever prey is nearby. Pressing it near boats can sink those too, provided you munch on them a couple of times.

You are provided with a map which marks the locations of nearby prey. Now, if you've been swimming around the area and cannot seem to find any of them around, then you may need to dive deeper or get closer to the surface using the up and down arrow buttons beside your attack buttons. We've found using them to be clunky but so long as you are near the school of fish or helpless human you wish to snack on, the jaws of your killer whale will still be able to reach them.

Release Date: 09/12/2014

Available on: Android

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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X Marks the Spot

Having the location of your targets marked is definitely helpful when it comes to accomplishing level objectives. There are 18 levels all in all and 4 basic types of objectives. One involves destroying boats, which you do by "attacking" them. A solid hit triggers a small, red-colored splash which, weirdly enough, makes the boats look as though they're bleeding. Another type entails eating a specific number of humans. You can either catch the, while they are swimming or diving and eat them outright. Or, if you're feeling up to it, you can also sink their boats and eat them when they're flailing about in a panic after being thrown into the water. To help you keep track of the number of humans you've eaten so far is an on-screen tally. This is also displayed when you are asked to eat a school of fish -- basically the same concept as hunting human prey, sans the boats.

And, last but not the least, you will be asked fight a specific number of sharks. This is the trickiest of all as these guys fight back. Attempt to engage a group and they will gang up on you. A health bar appears whenever you initiate a fight sequence and if that is drained, your killer whale will do a belly flop and it'll be time to restart the stage.

Silly Antics Ensue

Killer Whale Beach Attack 3D isn't really the worst game out there but it's definitely one of the silliest. For starters, targeting is just plain iffy. You can chomp of a diver who is in almost the opposite direction but can't pull someone off the beach even if the animation shows that you're already gnawing on their foot. You can sink huge boats but sea horses and friendly whales are invincible. Basically the game is rough and ads get displayed whenever you die or go up a level. Avoiding accidental clicks will take some getting used to, however, having ads around is an acceptable compromise to keep the game free to download.

Check this game out if you're looking for a few laughs or are in the market for something simple to pass the time. It takes about 40 minutes to finish all 18 stages if you're just after finishing the objectives. Skip it if you're after something polished or aren't easily amused by tiger skin textures. Yes, there are a few of those just waiting to be unlocked with an in-app purchase.


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Killer Whale Beach Attack is developed by Tapintor.

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