Jaws Revenge Game Review for Android & iOS

Jaws Revenge

A shark-attack gore-fest that wants nothing but to entertain you as violently as possible

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Hankering for Ultra-Violence

There aren’t many things that the average app store is missing these days. Whether you’re looking for an app that can record your sleep patterns and inform you of the most appropriate sleep/wake cycle for you through to barcode scanners, first-person shooters, image editing software, and a multitude of games of different genres, modern technology pretty much has you covered. One of the areas that seems to be a bit lacking however is that of the shark attack game for people on the go. I couldn’t tell you just how many times I’ve been sitting on the train or the bus and had a sudden pang of hunger not for traditional, satiating food but for a good, officially-licensed shark game with the backing of Universal studios and preferably with some ties to the official Jaws franchise. Well I couldn’t believe my luck when I happened upon Jaws Revenge in the app store – now I can experience the best of portable shark-attacking whenever I want, and best of all, it is free to download. Continue Reading

Release Date: 29/07/2014

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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Hungrier Than Hippos

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It would be silly to try and explain the premise of a shark attack game because the content is pretty much explained by the title. The premise is that you are Jaws, you are hungry all of the time, and you must satisfy this hunger by swimming through the water, eating seaborne creatures as well as popping out of the water to eat humans and even birds along the way. The controls are simple: no on-screen buttons, just a tap and hold on the screen to make Jaws dive lower and lower, and a release of your finger to make him jump out of the water. Tap in front of Jaws when he is mid-jump and he will also lunge forward, making it much easier to snap up all of the birds and human on and above the surface of the water. The game is goal-based, so you need to complete a certain number of objectives by a specified time or distance, and all the while keeping an eye on Jaws’ fullness meter (in effect a health bar) to make sure you’re eating enough people to keep him satisfied, keep lists such as the top 10 shark attack videos flying about on the internet, and more importantly, to keep Jaws alive.

The Good, The Bad

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I would expect only quality from a game that is preceded by the Universal Studios logo short as well as distributor Fuse Powered and actual developer Hothead Games, and said quality is delivered to an extent. The content is pretty rich in that you’re not simply killing with no purpose: you’ve got upgrades to earn such as enhancements to Jaws’ skin and health, etc, as well as license plates with message fragments to collect. The goal-based gameplay makes it a little more challenging than say flash-based shark attack game Miami Shark. Graphics wise, the game is top-notch as well, with a nice 3D look and detailed models, great textures, and pretty decent sounds as well.

There are always downsides to any app though, and the main flaw here is the whole freemium aspect. I’m not attacking the model of freemium itself, but rather the balance that this game has failed to achieve between allowing non-paying players a good time and getting people to spend some money. It takes a very long time to grind for cash if you’re not buying it, and as is usual in these kinds of games (and in real life), cash gets stuff done. The physics are a little off in the jumps as well, bordering on the fidgety and lag-riddled at times (this shouldn’t be happening when playing it on a speedy iPhone 5S). Even with these flaws taken into consideration however, Jaws Revenge is an entertaining game that doesn’t fail to entertain, it’s just a shame about the freemium balance is all.