Hungry Shark World Review for Android & iOS

Hungry Shark World

An app permitting you to become a terrifying predator of the seas and a ruler of some gorgeous three-dimension underwater environments

Reputations to Upkeep

Not to be confused with Mausland’s browser-based shark games, Hungry Shark World is a mobile app that brings the underwater life of one of nature’s most feared predators to the palm of your hand. Hungry Shark World’s primary concept is living up to the shark’s reputation as a predator; you eat every lesser creature in your sight, and steadily grow into a more fearsome shark as you progress. Progress is also about unlocking new sharks of which you’ll assume control, as you scour the ocean for prey and engage in the many goal-based challenges on offer.

The tone is somewhat darker than many colourful, light-hearted shark titles on offer (the Shark Evolution tapping game, for example), but the comparatively advanced 3D graphics and underwater environments certainly give Hungry Shark World an edge on its competitors.

Jaws-Dropping Fun

Some of you may have already played the original Hungry Shark Evolution and be familiar with the gameplay, but I’ll explain a little here for the uninitiated. Hungry Shark World follows in its predecessor’s footsteps, having you control an initially low-level, small-sized shark in a wonderfully-rendered underwater environment. This 3D exploration of the seas isn’t to admire the scenery, however, but to gobble up any living thing in sight with view to earning points, in-game currency, and unlocked bigger and better sharks. This gameplay works really well, and its console-quality 3D graphics make the savaging of creatures, both aquatic and human, all the more satisfying.

There is plenty to do whilst you’re submerged in your nice-looking underwater environments, from gobbling up terrified swimmers on the surface of the water and munching marine creatures through to completing various goal-based challenges, initiating points multipliers, triggering gold rushes, and purchasable items that give your shark passive advantages like increased food bonuses and increased collection of points. Continue

Release Date: 05/05/2016

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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All Creatures !! and Small

Developers Future Games of London weren’t shy about creating a seriously enjoyable game that’s extremely easy to control yet offers a serious variety of shark species to enjoy. The controls consist of an on-screen joystick for movement, and a tapping elsewhere to initiate your boost, which recharges in a short time period.  The challenges in the game, which range from eating a certain quantity of fish to time-based tasks, also serve to increase your boost, as well as offering up other rewards too.

The real gem here, however, is the variety when it comes to upgrading your shark species. There are several tiers of species within Hungry Shark World: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large Extra Large, Extra Extra Large, and a tier simply known as !!. Each tier contains sharks known only to exist in the real world, as opposed to the fantastical and/or fictional sharks seen in other games like Shark Evolution Slicker or Hungry Shark Evolution.  There’s a fairly decent variety of sharks to unlock, from the Extra-Small tier sharks like the Blacktip Reef, Medium sharks such as the Sand Shark and the Thresher Shark, all the way to the !! tier which is occupied by the now-extinct Megalodon.

The general aim of the gameplay is simply to stay alive, and you do so by eating all of the creatures around you. With your health rapidly depleting, the only way to survive is to eat more creatures. When you’re of the extra-small variety of shark, you’ll have a hard time munching on anything sizeable. If you encounter creatures larger or stronger than you, then you’ll end up sustaining damage. Some creatures you simply cannot take on until you’ve upgraded your shark to a bigger, better species, but don’t worry: you’ll always get your revenge sooner or later. This is one of the main appeals, since even though you can’t take on the world initially, once you progress to larger sharks, you can return and demolish any creatures that you initially couldn’t have a tiny nibble of in the earlier stages of the game.

 Rip ‘Em A New One

When it comes down to it, this game’s about tearing chunks out of any living thing you can see, and if that’s not possible initially, then it’s about coming back for bigger bites of the cherry when you’ve upgraded with better items and more powerful sharks. There are also 3 unique underwater environments to explore, and each are fairly sizeable. This means you’re not limited to repetitive scenery or generic underwater expanses, but rather have to utilise your curiosity and movement skills to explore unique areas. You’ll often end up discovering areas that you didn’t touch upon the first time around, too.

What I like most about the gameplay itself is that there’s no restrictive energy system, which is often implemented by other games as a method of squeezing money out of your wallet. There are in-app purchases here, don’t get me wrong, but emptying your wallet and making it rain for the developers isn’t a prerequisite for having fun in Hungry Shark World. It’s a well-designed game with a simple control system, an enjoyably violent premise, and what nears console-quality graphics at times. It’s a great alternative to other evolution games such as Super Mega Worm, and its graphics are vastly superior to its competitors, too. Rating: 90/100


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Hungry Shark World is developed by Future Games of London.

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