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miami shark game

Shark-centric fun of the destructive kind

Ok, so Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus was an abomination to film-making and creative thought in general, but I sometimes think that it was kind of onto something from a light-entertainment point of view. I am in no way condoning the purchasing of any of The Asylum’s straight-to-dvd releases (if for no other reason than their responsibility for releasing Titanic II, though I can assure you there are many more reasons), but in the context of some light gaming entertainment, the idea of thrashing around as a shark and destroying everything around you is kind of intriguing, if not the best damn idea for a flash game I’ve heard so far today. And I’ve already heard three this morning.


Take a stretch of Miami shoreline, throw in a shark, scatter in some unsuspecting boat owners and various sizes of airborne vehicles, and finally pop a ‘Start Game’ button on the whole thing, and it is game on for Jaws-gone-wrong. I’ve pretty much just stated the entire premise of the game, with the only omission being the ultimate aim of gaining a score that is as heavy in numbers are possible. The directional arrows control the direction of the shark, and momentum is built by diving as far down as is possible and then shooting sharply upwards out of the water to ruin everyone’s sunny afternoon of laziness. There really isn’t any more substance to the whole thing, apart from having to press ‘A’ or ‘Ctrl’ to make the shark do a little bit of chomping, which is handy when you fancy grabbing hold of various aircraft and dragging them into violent and sudden disrepair (i.e. blowing them up).  

Points are awarded to you for toppling/destroying/ruining the days of the passengers aboard the aircraft, sailing vessels and pretty much anything you can see. If you destroy things in quick succession, you are awarded combo bonuses, which are pretty much standard in score-based games of this type. Don’t underestimate how addictive the whole thing is though; I came for a 5-minute saunter through flashville and ended up a little addicted.

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Miami shark is a great little game by Mausland Entertainment with an outlandish premise and the potential to be extremely addictive. It isn’t smooth or flashy (in the showy and not the platform sense), and the motion of the shark through the air is a little jerky, but at the same time, we’re dealing with a shark that can bring down helicopters here so how picky can we really be with this game? CSI: Miami can take a walk; shark-scene investigation has arrived, and it’s a concept that’s going to consume you, and I mean this in the most literal of senses.


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