Medieval Shark Game

Medieval shark game

There used to be a time when the idea of a shark causing unprovoked destruction of densely populated areas while wearing a hat and a pair of sunglasses was quite ridiculous to me: all this changed, however when I encountered the shark-based series of games from Mausland Entertainment. It seems the next logical (or as logical as a game in which sharks can destroy planes can be) step for the game series is to turn back the clocks to times of feudalism, vassalage and most nouns being prefixed with ‘Ye Olde’. Our shark’s had enough o his previous f geographical exploration, so he’s done some travelling through time itself.

Apparently, our ever-persistent shark’s hunger has spanned across the three cities of Sydney, Miami and New York and yet it still cannot be satiated. Somehow, I doubt that even the banquets of yore are enough to satisfy our hungry beast of considerable dental endowment either, so we’d better get rampaging.

Main play

Medieval shark game: Game Play

I’m beginning to see a pattern emerging here: shark is hungry, player controls shark, shark destroys surroundings, and destruction equals points. This is the format that the game has always taken, and Medieval Shark is no exception. Using the directional controls to move through the water and ‘A’ as your bite/melee attack, you must jump in and out of the liquid that suspends you and cause as much destruction as is possible. Landing on sailing boats and other seafaring vessels makes them disintegrate into their constituent parts and means almost certain death for those on board, while various creatures flying through the air are practically begging to be eaten. You can also grab onto floating ships that occasionally drift past and also go one on one with a dragon-worm and various other mythical creatures. Kills in quick succession gain you multiplier bonuses, as dost the finding of treasure chests on the seabed.

A Spot of Light Afternoon Sharking

The game’s ‘frenzy’ mode is activated by acquiring enough kills/destruction to fill up the indicator bar, the achieving of which supercharges your attack for a limited time. This is a feature that is new to the game, as is the acquisition of weapons such as an axe and a mace-like object. This makes for a refreshing change to the usual ‘bite and smash’ procedure.


Medival shark is massively silly, outrageously fun and a little bit insane but it can be quite an addictive pastime. I thoroughly recommend this historically/factually inaccurate take on the middle ages to anyone; I just hope we get to see a more sophisticated Renaissance Shark in the near future.


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