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You’ll struggle to find a more comprehensive collection of brutal Shark Games elsewhere

Shark attacks? We’ve got no business making light of these serious incidents, right? Wrong: Sharkgame.net is proud to host some of the best and most violent shark attack games on the internet, and our collection of Mausland’s Shark Games is more thorough than the move Jaws: The Revenge was disappointing. Whether it’s a medieval, prehistoric, or current-day shark tearing through various cities you want, you can be certain that we can provide you with the leading shark attack games currently available.

Depth (PC)

depth game

Depth is a 3D shark game for PC and perhaps resembles the most realistic jaws style game available. You can play as a diver or a great white shark (and other shark types) in a death match arena style game. Perhaps playing as a diver is more frightening than a shark but the cool thing here is controlling the one of many sharks available allows you to rip through the water in break neck speeds and ambush the divers. The enivornment with Depth is layered with rocks, sunken ships and much more allowing you to hide amoungst rubble, behind pilars and pick your moment to strike at divers when they are most vunerable. The game has received mixed reviews on many review sites but on Steam - it's exclusive distribution platform it has been received incredibly well, we have also reviewed the game ourselves here.

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Mausland’s Masterpieces (Web)

It’s best to begin with the classics, and it doesn’t get more classic than the trio of games that form the foundation of Mausland’s Shark Attack saga that seems to be a gift that keeps on giving. Plunging into Miami Shark will remind long-term fans of the way things used to be, which is pretty basic yet fun nonetheless. Taking control of the shark with the directional arrows (the same procedure as pretty much all of Mausland’s shark games), your job is simply to smash the boats and various other structures up as well as munching on humans and dragging various aeroplanes out of the sky by clamping onto them with the Ctrl button and tapping the downwards arrow repeatedly. Sure, the graphics are a little basic, raw even, but Miami Shark’s intention is to provide the player with the shallowest of shark attack entertainment experiences, though don’t mistake shallow for boring: it couldn’t be more fun.

New York Shark (Web)

new york shark game

New York Shark and Sydney Shark are slightly more enhanced in their looks and content, though not by a huge margin. Each respective game showcases different landmarks of each city as you swim by, with New York Shark involving catching baseballs and the Statue of Liberty whilst Sydney Harbour features in Sydney Shark. You’ve got a few additions such as the Wheel of Shark in Sydney Shark, which spins when you manage to cause a chain reaction that results in a minimum number of consecutive explosions, though you are simply rewarded with more points and nothing more. Clear improvement can be seen in the transition from one game to the next in this trio of games, but Mausland didn’t stop at these 3 cities in their quest for seaborne violence: they didn’t even stop at this current point in space and time.

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Medieval Shark (Web)

Medieval shark game

Medieval Shark is where this shark series gets supremely interesting, because whereas the previous games were pretty much the same experience in a different skin, going back to medieval times also comes with a few added perks such as weapons and some more variety in the enemies you face. The controls remain the same, and though A is now the only attack button, you now wield an oscillating axe on your head instead of being able to simply bite with your teeth. Various enemies are encountered in this one, and they actually fight back. Creatures such as sea snakes, hydras, and dragon-like beings as well as unicorns and other such mythical ridiculousness all feature, making for a more diverse experience than ever before. Treasure chests and other items also litter the sea floor, with items like silver rings giving you points and frenzy mode awaiting use at various points during the game.

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Prehistoric Shark: Venture Far Back into the Time of the Dinosaurs (Web)

prehistoric shark game

For an experience that delves further into the past for even more violent fun and variety, check out Prehistoric Shark, which is Mausland’s most recent addition to the series. You can clearly see some refinement and various improvements here, starting with being able to select from four different types of shark at the beginning to assume control of. Things have clearly moved on from the comparatively rudimentary days of Miami Shark since you’ve got a plethora or prehistoric creatures to face and in much greater number as well. Weapon choice is more central to the gameplay this time as well, with various tools like clubs and boomerangs appearing at the bottom of the screen when you collect them and allowing you to cause some serious damage to the enemies.

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There are various special items that you can bring out of the sky like flying dinosaurs, trees, and other ridiculous things, as well as the ability to enter different zones such as the waterfall and encounter a game-winning boss. Even the appearance of the game has changed a little for the better, with a sort of fine horizontal-line overlay making everything appear a little aged but also extremely polished as well.

BattleJaws Galactica (Android, iOS)

Jaws Revenge Mobile App Game

If you’re not much of a fan of the fairly raw, rough, and shallow nature of Mausland’s shark games, then perhaps Fuse Powered’s shark-based adventure Jaws: Revenge may tickle your fancy. Jaws Revenge is an officially-licensed incarnation of the Jaws fame but has no affiliation with the abysmal film of the same name. Instead, you’ve got a hungry Jaws that needs to stave off hunger by eating everything in sight. The game involves fulfilling various requirements with limited amounts of time such as eating everything you can before the next buoy or acquiring a minimum quantity of points before the end of each level. You’ve got 4 separate stages to work your way through, each with their own set of challenges. Upgrades and other items are also attainable, though you’ll have to grind pretty intensively to afford some of the later upgrades. Jaws Revenge is perhaps one of the best shark attack games available and it possesses some graphical and physics-based polish that flash-based shark games fail to have.

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Hungry Shark: Evolution (Android, iOS)

Hungry Shark Evolution Mobile App Game

For the final game in this summative list we have Hungry Shark: Evolution, a title which takes place entirely underwater and strives to immerse the player in one of the most beautifully-rendered and wonderfully-presented underwater landscapes since Tomb Raider 2’s 40 Fathoms level. The objective is a familiar one, namely the satisfying of the shark’s hunger by eating everything in sight, but the atmosphere is calmer and more relaxing than Jaws Revenge since the sounds are more light-hearted and the design is generally more uplifting and colourful. The action is controlled by a combination of tilting your device and also tapping on the touch screen. Hungry Shark Evolution is truly a fantastic game that provides some light relief from the staggering quantities of violence involved in traditional shark attack titles.

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