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Much like the fact that a mother’s work is never done, the five titles in the Feed Us series attest to the fact that a piranha’s work is never done either. Granted the piranha’s work isn’t really the loving and nurturing kind that your average mother gets up to; work to a piranha is simply continuing its existence by fulfilling certain biological imperatives such as eating, resting, and procreating. Feed Us only really concentrates on one of these survival essentials, though, which is the unrelenting destruction of surroundings and the resulting massacre of people in close proximity. 

Feed Us 6 - Discussion of features and improvements in a potential sequel

That’s right, Feed Us feeds us the age-old stereotype of the violently ravenous piranha that just can’t get enough of human blood and that enjoy a feeding frenzy at Blofeld’s lair. Feed Us 5 was somewhat of a peak for the series, offering more features than before and some improved visuals, so what next for the series? Well, a sequel of course, but before one is actually released, some speculation about its contents would be dandy, wouldn’t it? Well I think it would, which is why there are paragraphs below pertaining to the subject.

Format Troubles

The problem with a long-running series achieving so much success is that this success is usually down to consistency. Consistency is a brilliant thing if you’re a developer: loyal fans love it, new fans will appreciate it when discovering the titles of the series, and it gives developers a solid framework of fan-approved features to stick with. The only thing with consistency over a longer period (say 5 games’ worth) is that it can be construed as unimaginative thinking because the game is so consistent that it hardly changes, and any changes that are implemented are incremental at best.

So what was once consistence can be perceived over a long period as being dogged persistence with an unchanging idea. This could be remedied by having a little bit of a shake up in the format. Sure, we’re used to a linear development of the storyline and objectives being reeled off, but what if some, or even all of the game was more like Moby Dick 2 with its single-levelled, one-area format in which all the action takes place? This could be a step backwards for the game, but it could also be an interesting side-progression that can take away from the monotony of the familiar format.

Tiny Games

A game like this is crying out for some distractions from the main gameplay, so what better to perform this task than a series of mini-games? Each mini game could be as simple as fulfilling certain short-term objectives like making a set number of kills in a certain amount of time, toppling a certain number of boats, or performing more difficult tasks like controlling your fish’s movement so that he lands in a certain area after a large jump. The possibilities are wide open and are only confined to the quantity of water in which our piranha swims, and the imagination of the developers, of course.

Creature Comforts

Even Feed Us 4 had some ‘seeds’ in the upgrade section that allowed us to purchase smaller and more insignificant fish to swim behind us and help us in our efforts. What if these accompanying fish weren’t so insignificant after all? What if Feed Us 6 lets us tag in some different and more formidable sea creatures to use as “main characters” if you will. I’m proposing a tagging-in system like that of Donkey Kong, the greatness of which simply cannot be denied unless your life is truly devoid of fun and an enjoyable childhood. Pyrozen allowing us to use different creatures with different attributes (speed, strength etc.) would instantly multiply the variety in the game by a substantial amount and allow us a change from our piranha, who is probably very tired by now. 

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