Feed Us 4 Game

Feed Us 4: Another return for the flesh eating fish

Traditionally, the smaller fish in the world are kept as pets for owners to feed, love, or even use as decoration in comprehensive, backlit aquariums for various rooms of the house. Goldfish are even given away as prizes at carnivals and fairgrounds, but what if these creatures were a little more aggressive?

Feed Us 4 from Pyrozen is an objective-based feeding game where the central figure is a piranha that would gobble up pet fish (and the tank that they were in) for breakfast and then move on to more human-sized prey.

If you’re new to piranha games

then all you need to know is that there is a lot of destruction and considerable quantities of blood along with various missions and performance-enhancing upgrades to provide an escalating reward system for your progress. So will you help our trapped piranha escape from captivity and cause unrelenting chaos wherever he goes?

After noticing the impressive illustration and graphics in Feed Us 4, you will likely begin the game and realise that this isn’t a marathon-like feeding session of the likes of Miami Shark, but rather a game that plays out much like an adventure with the piranha trapped in a sealed tank aboard an aeroplane: your first of many eventual objectives is to free the piranha from captivity and escape the plane.

You make the hungry fish move simply by moving your mouse since he follows every move that you make with it. Swish the mouse in whichever direction you wish him to travel in and jump out of the water by gaining momentum while submerged and lifting the arrow high and in the general direction that you want him humping in. That’s really all there is to the controls, but that isn’t nearly all there is to the gameplay.

Feed Us 4 has more depth than your average, and not just in a diving sense. Instead of one big, long feeding frenzy with killing being the only objective, the consumption of humans is only one aim in number of different objectives that you will face during the game.

Each ‘level’ contains several different objectives that you must fulfil in order to move on to the next section, with each area being comprised of several areas of water separated by land. It begins with escaping the plane that you are initially trapped in and moving on to destroying various kinds of surrounding objects, flicking emergency switches on the plane, and generally being very destructive for such a small fish.

You don’t stay small for long, though, since you are able to upgrade your piranha’s various attributes like his fins, jaw, tail, and scales to increase his abilities like swimming, toughness, and chomping power. Upgrades are purchased with litres of blood which are obtained through playing through each level and collecting them.

Feed Us 4 may indeed be a gruesome pastime but a fish has to eat too, right? The gameplay has ore facets to it than the average feeding game and its graphics are substantially superior to most games of its type out there, making the Feed Us 4 package extremely desirable to anyone looking for a bit of fun that performs far better than its competitors (Feeding Frenzy, for example) in the genre. 

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