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Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World – Everything a shark-based sequel should be, with lots of species, upgrades, and underwater worlds to explore

Litter and Figurative Bite

Creature evolution/upgrade games aren’t anything new to the gaming world. Assuming control of a creature, consuming food or objects from its surrounding environment, and growing and/or evolving into bigger, better forms that your original state is a procedure followed by many mobile games. Hungry Shark World is a sequel that takes the action under the water, however, and it does so with some remarkably addictive gameplay and attention to detail in its beautifully rendered and meticulously designed underwater environments.

This is an evolution game with both literal and figurative bite, with a serious selection of sharks to sink your (figurative and literal) teeth into, vast underwater worlds to call your home, and lots of unlockables to keep things interesting in the long run.

Get Your Jaws Around This

One of the most pleasant aspects of the game that’s apparent from very first wetting of your shark’s fin is that the gameplay is about instantly-gratifying, action-packed underwater scenes. A quick tutorial reminds you just how easy it is to control the action: simply use the left part of the screen to tap-and-hold in order to produce an on-screen joystick for movement, while your boost is initiated by tapping anywhere on the right hand side of the screen. These two basic mechanics of movement and boost are all you’re going to need to control this behemoth game of underwater antics but the interface’s simplicity is in no way indicative of an overly simple or shallow experience.

On the contrary, Hungry Shark World’s got some serious game(play). Your overall mission is to eat as many creatures in the water as you possibly can. You move about, gobbling up anything that you’re able to (more on this below) by simply swimming into the various creatures occupying both the depths of the ocean as well as on the surface of the water. Eating creatures replenishes your rapidly diminishing health bar. Keeping your health bar topped up is the main challenge, so it’s in your best interest to continue eating anything that you can. The gameplay is as much about survival as it is an upgrade/unlock/evolve experience. It isn’t as visceral or heart-pounding as Digital Confectioners’ Depth game, but it’s still got a lot of chomping and a lot of blood. Continue Reading

Release Date: 05/05/2016

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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You Bite the Fry, The Fry Bites Back My Man

So we get that the basic premise of the game is survival by consuming other creatures in the sea, with the bonus of earning coins and gems, levelling up, and unlocking new sharks and areas of the world as an added bonus. It isn’t as simple as rocking up to a gigantic shark and nibbling away at him unopposed until he dies, however. Smaller fish may be gobbled up in one single bite, but you must remember that larger creatures won’t go down without a fight. They’ll fight back, nipping away at your already rapidly-diminishing health. This is where you need to be agile and tactical in your approach to eating your prey.

Of course, there comes a time when agility and tactics aren’t enough, since many creatures are simply too big for your initially tiny self to ingest. This is where the upgrading and unlocking system comes into play. Incremental upgrades are earnt through coin collection; you can spend coins in between your predatory runs in the water, upgrading stats such as your shark’s speed, bite, and boost. When you’re tired of incremental upgrades, however, you’ll find that if you progress in the game enough, you’ll be able to unlock bigger and better sharks.

Size is Everything, Location is Optional

There are several tiers of shark in the game, most of which contain 3 sharks per tier for you to choose from. You’ve got XS, S, M, L XL, and XXL, though don’t expect to be able to use anything but the tiniest (and only) shark from the XS tier at the outset of the game. Pay attention to the Unlock Progression bar at the bottom of the Shark Selection area – this is filled as you progress in the game, and once full, you’ll gradually unlock more superior classes of shark.

There’s a decent selection of sharks, too. The Small tier contains Porbeagle, Blue, and Sand Sharks, while you can eventually expect to unlock more fearsome creatures such as the Smooth Hammerhead, the Goblin Shark, the Mako shark, the Tiger Shark, even the Whale shark and Great White, the latter two being from the coveted XXL tier! It’s a selection of sharks as impressive as the comparatively less bombastic Ultimate Shark Simulator.

You’ve a number of different locations to unlock and explore, too, each offering different underwater environments for you to explore and use as your hunting grounds. You’ll encounter a nice variety of marine life to devour too, from tiny reef fish to sharks more fearsome and powerful than you.

Bloody Deadly, Damned Funny, And Spiffingly Designed

Ubisoft’s Hungry Shark World is ultimately a triumph of the seas, and also in the cut-throat waters of the various app stores. This is a game that’s designed around a framework intended to instantly gratify as well as keep you hooked in for the long run. The upgrade and unlocking system ensures this game’s longevity, while an almost console-quality set of graphics ensures that the action looks good, too. It’s not quite as heavy in customisation options or mechanical depth as Ultimate Shark Simulator, but its intended audience is of a different breed, with this audience being hungry for arcade-level action, power-ups, bonuses, upgrade items, and instantaneous action.

The premium currency and placement of ads is a little intrusive however – you can easily spend money on gems to get ahead of fellow non-paying players, for example – but I’m willing to let this slide because this is one of the most impressive and instantly enjoyable shark games available for mobile today. Rating: 88/100


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Hungry Shark World is developed by Future Games of London.

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