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Feed Us 5: An explorative eat-em-up piranha game, because straight-up sharks are so not cool anymore

Ferociously Delicious

I had always assumed that my hunger – which has often been described of as legendary in its ferocity and its ability to make me behave in unusual ways – was superior to that of any other living land-dwelling creature. Lions pulling apart freshly-killed carcasses? Pfft, I sprinkle carcasses on other carcasses and season with additional carcasses of slightly smaller animals. Cows? I know they eat an impressive quantity of grass, but my relationship with vegetarians is strained at best. Taking a look at water-dwellers makes me feel a little inadequate, however, particularly if you take the case of the evil-looking piranha of Feed Us 5, an eat-em-up game that is reminiscent of shark attack games such as Miami Shark, only instead of a shark you inhabit the waters of an aquarium, an enclosure that you are simply dying to break out of and ensure that any humans in your proximity will soon be literally dying in the sense of ceasing to function in the ultimate biological sense. There are missions, upgrades, and a variety of areas to explore, so it’s improvements galore this time around, which is more than can be said for Feed Us 4.

Earning a PHD in Havoc

feed us 5 game: piranha attack

In Feed Us 5, Pyrozen takes the increasingly popular “consuming humans” format and adds adventure, purpose, and upgrades to the action. The game involves you taking control of a tiny piranha in an aquarium with a human standing over tank simply begging to be eaten with the way he is leering over the edge of the viewing platform. You use the mouse to control the movement of the piranha, with it following every move you make with it: jumping out of the water is achieved by swimming down into it and popping your mouse rapidly above the piranha to make him leap out of the water. Your aim is simply to explore the environment outside the tank and cause absolute havoc along the way.

Eating Disorder

The game isn’t as shallow as simply eating and moving on, but instead adds some depth by firstly challenging you to complete various missions during each level such as collecting a certain amount of blood, sinking various boats, and reaching various locations. Once you break the surface of the water, you also begin to starve oxygen and must reach another patch of water before the indicator runs dry. Having this limitation means that you must think carefully about your strategy instead of spending large amounts of time above the water without consequence.

Extreme Makeover Level: Piranha

The best addition of all in this game is the wildly-superior upgrade system that allows you to spend the litres of blood that you collect during the levels on upgrading the piranha’s jaws, spine, fins, scales, tail, and also accompanying fish. Each of these upgrades allows you to become more powerful over time and more effective and efficient at killing and is the equivalent of gaining experience point-powered upgrades.

Deadly Design

As well as the wildly enjoyable gameplay, Feed Us 5 is also designed extremely well and is aesthetically very professional and polished, you would be forgiven for believing an association with the ridiculous gorefest provided by Piranha 3D. The upgrade system adds to the challenge of the game as well as the fun of pursuing it in the long term, and the adventure-like level progression deepens the game substantially, making it one of the most enjoyable eat-em-ups available.


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