Attack A Variety of Locations With Your Shark!

Miami SharkMiami Shark Game

Miami Shark allows you to make like a shark and attack any poor soul that may be unlucky enough to have wandered into your murderous jurisdiction. Smash, chomp, and crush your way to high-score heaven with this hilarious pile of flash-animated ridiculousness.

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New York SharkNew York Shark Game

Sticking with the series’ ‘exactly-what-it-says-on-the-tin’ tendencies, New York Shark is a work of simplistic brilliance. You get to control a furious-looking shark with sunglasses and optional hat while you skulk about in water and destroy the unsuspecting citizens above. Boats, planes, people, King Kong; there’s almost no limit to the destruction, and it’s done with notable style. 

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Medievel SharkMedieval Shark Game

It’s not often that you see a flash game set in the middle ages, and until now, I’m almost certain that you wouldn’t have come across that involves medieval, violence-heavy, shark-related mayhem. Smash your way through sailing boats, chomp a few flying unicorns and get some dragon in your digestive system in this outrageous sequel from Mausland Entertainment.

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Feed Us 5Feed Us 5 Game

Regardless of popular (and wildly inaccurate) portrayals of piranhas in films such as Piranha 3D as unstoppably violent creatures that are whipped into a frenzy every time they sense food is nearby, Feed Us 5 serves to add to the unfounded stereotype by having you manually whip up your piranha into a frenzy by escaping its tank and embarking on a carnivorous and bloody adventure to eat and escape simultaneously.

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